The wash specialist for washing and cleaning under- and overground containers

AW Machinery is the European wash specialist when it comes to washing and cleaning under- and overground containers. We supply complete mobile washing units, tailored to your needs, anywhere in Europe. Our designs are characterised by quality and simplicity. Furthermore, we focus on every facet of the project or vehicle and prioritise efficiency for the user. Also, we take into account accessibility, ease of maintenance and attractive design with every technical solution.

Our underground washing container solutions help you contribute to a clean and presentable streetscape

Wash unit: a versatile machine

Our wash unit UWC/S 13/3.5 is a versatile machine designed to empty and wash underground containers while draining and cleaning underground wells and pillars in a single pass. You can easily position the wash unit onto a crane truck for greater flexibility in using your fleet. Washing your containers in-house will result in significant cost savings. Additionally, the wash and suck unit from AW Machinery is also an attractive European patented combination of technology and durability. A user-friendly and certainly cost-effective powerhouse. Hereby an overview of the most important features of the versatile machine:

  • Powerful, efficient and maintenance-friendly
  • Patented main construction
  • Patented crane gutter
  • Patented washing arm
  • Short construction method
  • Waste compacting, washing, pumping and vacuuming in one machine
  • Modular construction
  • Available in various lengths and two widths
  • Use of high-quality materials and parts.

We provide solutions for cleaning containers, bin cleaning and bin washing equipment

We supply high-quality, sustainable equipment for cleaning underground containers, contributing to a clean and presentable streetscape. Additionally, we also specialise in supplying bin washing equipment and bin cleaning. This is mostly for both underground, and overground container systems. We believe that cleaning containers is a profession unto itself and that profession is one we understand like no other. Therefore, we can provide a washing machine container, tailored to your wishes and requirements. We will guarantee a clean result where it comes to cleaning underground and overground containers.

Dutch and European patents on the wash unit

AW Machinery has several Dutch and European patents on the wash unit. This is due to the fact that our underground washing containers provides an all-in-one empty and cleaning process. Hereby, all kinds of underground containers can be emptied in the hopper. Looking for more information or curious about the possibilities? Watch the following video or contact  us for your sustainable mobile solution!

Various models of the wash unit

Wash unit full option

The wash unit full-option herald a new generation of machines for the waste market. Our washing unit with full-options is the perfect solution for emptying and cleaning every underground container. In one lift and return operation you can collect waste and clean the in- and outside of containers. All that in one flowing process.

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Wash unit full-option

Basic wash unit

The basic wash unit collects and compacts waste and washes the interior of underground containers. Additionally, it also washes the exterior of pillars. Therefore, this user-friendly and cost-effective powerhouse also fits as a perfect solution for emptying and cleaning underground containers.

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Basic wash unit