We develop and built various machines

To date, we have developed and built various machines, including different types of washing units, a specially designed garbage truck, wet-well lift stations and much more. We also develop and sell (combined) 1, 2, 3 or 5-hook and Mushroom attachments. As far as we are concerned, anything is possible!

Different types of combi attachments

We develop and supply different types of attachments. One of our products is the Combi Block, which is two (or three) blocks (2/3/5 hook, Mushroom, Metro-(1 hook)) integrated into one. See the technical specifications below. A standalone Mushroom, 2, 3 or 5-hook block is also available.
We also build a balance attachment for 2 hook for 2 compartment containers, to prevent opening one of the lids during hoisting.

We are always up for the challenge of finding a creative solution for your needs.

Technical specifications:

  • Mushroom and 2/3/5-hook containers for lifting and emptying
  • Very safe hook lock/security system
  • Much less expensive than just a 2/3/5-hook block
  • Robust construction
  • No rods that will bend over time
  • No electrical 3-hook control required, except for our newest 3 hook independent attachment
  • The middle hook moves upwards (or the outer two hooks move downwards) to open the valves, except for the 3 hook independent.


AWC-M – Mushroom recording system

Mushroom / 2 hook

AWC-M + 2 hook – Mushroom 2 hook mounting system

3 hook independent

  • Hydraulic locking
  • Elektrical control
  • LED worklights
  • Plastic protection
  • Distance hooks 250 mm
  • Stroke of the cylinder 600 mm
  • Capacity 3500 kg
  • Weight 250 kg

3 hook

AWC-3/AWC-5 – 3 or 5 fixed-width hooks


  • 3-hook with fixed distance of 25 cm each
  • Middle hook unloading the container
  • Outside 2 hooks simultaneously unloading the container
  • Mushroom tool integrated
  • Stroke 60 cm
  • Switching valve middle/outside cylinders
  • Adapter plate for shaft 69 mm
  • Hydraulic hoses length 40 cm with ½“ connections
  • Color: green/gray
  • Weight about 240 kg

Attachment for 1 hook / metro

Adapter metro recording – 3 Recording blocks in 1

Attachment systems for emptying under- and overground containers

AW Machinery supplies in attachment systems for emptying under- and overground containers. These attachment systems are manufactured in Emmeloord, the Netherlands. Also, we are able to supply these attachment systems anywhere in Europe. Looking for more information or curious about the endless possibilities? Watch the following video or contact us for your sustainable mobile solution!

We supply attachment systems for emptying underground and overground containers. Discover your customised and sustainable mobile solution!